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I was born in a war. I was left to fate and faith at the doorstep of an orphanage. I was raised by people of a different color in Hawaii. I grew up professionally in public relations and advertising amongst a wide circle of relentless creatives and ideas as tall as skyscrapers. I fell madly in love with companies and nonprofits that were creating positive change and was swept up in movements where I learned how to create momentum. I am a teacher. I am trainer. I am a listener. I’m a bond builder. I’ve walked alone. I’ve led teams. I’ve spent days without speaking. I’ve spent nights pouring out stories into the world.

I believe that everyone has a story that must be told. Most of all, I believe that skillful community engagement can create emotional bonds between brands and communities. I believe that our work at Transcendence Pacific makes me a better person.

We help organizations imagine a future where its leadership only did what they do best and outsourced the rest to experts. Your resources are precious. Now is the time to transition your organization from survive to thrive.



Our award-winning work has included American Market Association’s Nonprofit Marketer of the Year and
Public Relations Society of America’s Koa Anvil Award for National Media Relations.


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limbic resonance is a communal connection
through shared emotion