We are a kamaaina communications agency in Hawaii that specializes in public relations and marketing services. We offer a deeper understanding of the problems you solve and the solutions you seek. We’ve been a part of the community for more than 25 years. Our specialties include storytelling through a range of avenues including media relations, editorial and writing services, digital and print publishing, graphic design, website development and management as well as social media content and advertising.



Why Greater Good

Our mission supports greater good companies, nonprofits, projects and start-ups that solve problems. Our purpose is to support your success and grow your business by providing counsel, services and bandwidth that suits your budget. We are passionate about children, the environment, education, health, housing, security and the disadvantaged. We are committed to the humane movement and the end of suffering for every living being. We support the pursuit of empowerment, freedom, joy, celebration, community and inspiration. Our collective of clients are an expression of these passions.

What Resonates

Limbic resonance is the cornerstone of our business. It’s a communal connection through shared emotion. Our work together aims to cultivate success by knowing what motivates, drives and inspires others to take action, lead, gather, celebrate and share. As the high-tech world evolves at rapid speed, the high-touch impact of your organization must accelerate equally. We believe in the power of relationships that are authentic and meaningful.

About Transcendence

Many marketing agencies brand their corporate identity with their personal namesake. We believe that names, as a reflection of self, are transient identities and the only name that matters to us is yours. That’s why our company name, Transcendence Pacific, is our purpose. We aim to help you achieve existence that extends beyond the ordinary experience. Our identity is intentional and a reminder that your business journey is a spiritual one. The road ahead is paved with lessons and experiences designed to help you push through and rise above.


existence that extends beyond
the limits of ordinary experience