Transcendence starts with a journey inward, steeped in the stillness of research and reflection. Community engagement is a system of services that works collectively for your prosperity. Your needs are holistic. The marketplace is a cacophony of crowds and clutter. To break out. To stand out. Be ready to reach out with a values-centric story that will compel and captivate.

The optimal time to engage services is now—not when community enthusiasm wanes. Community engagement employed as an afterthought or when-and-if-budget allows may force you into a position that can dismantle your potential and momentum.

Mindful planning to leverage success as it ascends can lead to expanded growth in sustainable and exponential ways. Now is the time to carve a pathway for your followers. Our services are synergistic; they overlap, integrate and dovetail.

Brand Communications
Crises Management
Email marketing
Cultivating Audience
Event Expressions
Marketplace Studies
Media Relations
Social Network Development

Website Development
Annual Reports
Presentations with Purpose
Video Storytelling
Grant Writing
Volunteer Development
Strategic Alliances
New Business Development

Facebook Content Curation
Editing & Writing
Advocacy Campaigns
Outreach Program Development
Education Initiatives
Fundraising Strategy

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imagine only doing what you do best


About Jacquelyn Vaughn

I was born in a war. I was left to fate and faith at the doorstep of an orphanage. I was raised by people of a different color. I grew up professionally in public relations and advertising amongst a wide circle of relentless creatives and egos as tall as skyscrapers. I fell madly in love with nonprofits and was swept up in movements where I learned how to create momentum. I am a teacher. I am trainer. I am a listener. I’m a bond builder. I’ve walked alone. I’ve led teams. I’ve spent days without speaking. I’ve spent nights pouring out stories into the world.

I believe that everyone has a story that must be told. Most of all, I believe that skillful community engagement can create emotional bonds between brands and communities.

I believe that my work makes me a better person.

Imagine a future where leadership only did what they do best and outsourced the rest to experts. Your resources are precious. Now is the time to transition your organization from survive to thrive.

Past & Present Partnerships

Alice Inoue Life Guidance
All Star Café Celebrity Events
Aloha Festivals
Aston Hotels & Resorts
Child & Family Service
City & County of Honolulu Environmental Stewardship
Castle & Cooke Homes Hawaii
Clear Channel Radio
Chrysler & Dodge Dealers
Current Affairs
Doonwood Engineering
Happiness U

Hawaii Institute for Public Affairs: A Public Policy Institute
Hawaii International Child
Hawaii Nature Center
Hawaii Uninsured Project:
Hawaiian Humane Society
Hilton Hawaiian Village
Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa
Ihilani Resort & Spa
The Institute for Human Services
Kauai Humane Society
Lanai Cat Sanctuary
One Shared Future

Oscar Meyer Talent Search Hawaii
Pan Pacific Festival
Rehab Hospital of the Pacific
Renaissance Ilikai Hotel
Entrepreneur & Realtor Danielle Scherman
Social Wahines
Tiffany & Co.
United Cerebral Palsy
U.S. Navy MWR in Sigonella, Italy


It would be an honor to be your resource, your guide and your partner.

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